About Sneaker Spa Sydney

Sam Zacharia - Founder/Owner of Sneaker Spa Sydney

Sneaker Spa Sydney is a Sydney based local business that focuses on keeping peoples footwear clean and fresh whilst supporting our environment with eco friendly and chemical free products. 

SSS focuses on being eco friendly and supporting both the environment and local businesses. 

We use our own products all of which are chemical free, and we operate through connecting with local businesses creating drop off points in which the businesses. supporting our local economy.

On top of this, we strongly believe in good hygiene, and if you clean your clothes regularly, it should be done the same with your footwear. Not just for the aesthetics, but for cleanliness and general upkeep of good hygiene. 

We value the quality of your footwear and have a finesse focused approach when cleaning your footwear.

No one likes sweaty feet!