Revive Your Heels: Expert heel Repair and Restoration Services

Quality Heel Cleaning & Restoration

The easiest way to get a world-class heel repair near you, by Australia’s best craftsmen

Heels Cleaning

Diamond Club Clean $80

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Premium Clean $60

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Heel Repaints

Touch Up Repaints $50

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Full Repaint $150

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Heel Restoration

In Sole Replacement $30

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Re Sole + Heel Tip ($68-$78)

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Heel Tip Replacement $30

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Topy Sole (black/beige $48 - red $58)

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Shoe stretching $20

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Heel Tip Replacement $30

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Top Quality

Have your items repaired by Australia’s best! Our team has over 33 years experience

Best Service

We care about you and your luxury items.

1. Order Online

Place your order online & select drop off or pick up option.

2. Drop Off/We Pick UpDrop

Drop or ship your sneakers to one of our HQ locations or our courier will pick them up from you.

3. We Work Our Magic

Our highly experienced team will carefully clean or restore your items

4. We Return

We'll notify you when your order is ready for pick up, being posted back or we'll deliver your cleaned/restored sneakers back to you.